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Working in a team with the Marketing department, I determine any constraints related to the product such as its positioning, price and extent of innovation.


Depending on the type of product, I then move on to the first phase of 3D research, when the first concepts are formalized in order to make a prototype (2nd phase), which can already provide functional and aesthetic solutions. After making the prototype, I begin the preliminary phase of costing and selecting several technological partners.


The approach involving co-ordination and teamwork, along with creativity, allows me to obtain results effectively.


I also work by transferring technology from other sectors, where I have achieved important results.


All materials must be tested and parameterized with what the company defines as the market standard, therefore, throughout my professional life, the test laboratory has been like my “second home”.


In 2019 I won the prestigious Red Dot award with the project "Cora".



3/2007 - 3/2016

Valcucine S.p.A.


R&D, Technology Transfer, Design and Prototyping


Valcucine produces high-end kitchen furniture: 170 employees, €36/€42 million turnover (year 2016).


R&D and technology transfer: research and prototyping of extruded magnesium, surface treatments and heat bending. Research into the extrusion of plastic materials to replace aluminium for the production of door frames.


I invented the use of sub-fossil wood for a panel, 5 mm thick, and researched, along with the CNR (National Research Council) of Trento, all its physiological properties, site mapping (Bosnia) and the type of protection to use.


Design: research and prototyping of the magnesium chair, solid wood shelving system, 8 mm thick. For the Alessi Arco product, I created design solutions for keeping all bent elements together. Living (living room furniture collection): from stylistic research to technological solutions, including a top that moves to conceal wiring. Sine Tempore (classic collection): creation of a solid wood shelving system in two versions: countertop, 30 x 30 mm thick, and free-standing, 60 x 30 mm thick.


In September 2013, I became the head of the purchasing department, until the company was taken over by the ICG industrial group in February 2015. From then onwards until March 2016, I returned to my role of R&D of strategic products, reporting directly to the CEO. During this period of change in position, I researched new materials and finishes from the fashion sector and developed a shutter room partition solution.

2002 - 2007

Mercury Arredamenti

Caneva (PN)


Product and Purchasing Manager

Mercury Arredamenti (that had 130 employees but has now closed) was a leading company in the German-speaking market (until Germany’s economic crisis) for the production and sale of “classic” living room and bedroom furniture. Due to the significant reduction in turnover, the owner at that time decided to change production from classic to modern furniture and also the company’s positioning. For that purpose, I was co-opted into the company and linked to it with bonus shares.


I was entrusted with the task of leading the change by creating a new work team and designing winning product lines for the German, French and US market at the time: Theca, Domino (hi-tech and made entirely of glass), a new shelving system, a collection of living room furniture with wood and glass sides, various versions of beds and wardrobes with a plinth (very costly) and floor-level side panels. We engaged the services of a German designer to achieve a more effective aesthetic look for the mass retail sector: this led to Thema, which, with our style and our technology, soon became the best-selling furniture collection and the most difficult to copy. Since a wide choice of colours was introduced for this product range, we had to implement just-in-time production. This concept was unknown to companies with standard mass production. Throughout this period, I was one of the two CEOs (for products).

2000 - 2002

Valcucine Spa


My contribution to the company involved bringing price list management from a “cut and sew” manual to a computerised form on a Mac, using QuarkXPress. Previously it had taken a year to create a price list, then the time required was reduced to 3 months. I also developed the graphics for the order entry system with a Caci-based (Microstation) new work concept (in terms of time), linking up directly with the tables of the software management system. This is now taken for granted but it was pioneering at the time.

1996 - 1999

Giorno Cucine

Refrontolo (TV)

Head of Sales Department

1992 - 1996

G&D Cucine

Biancade (TV)


Technical/sales department employee responsible for developing orders and managing customers.

1989 - 1992

Linea Due Cucine

Cimadolmo (TV)


A partner in this small business.

We produced 2 kitchens a day for a local market.



English: Intermediate level of speaking, reading and writing.



Good knowledge of Excel, Word, Access, Microstation 3D, Visual basic, lllustrator and PowerPoint software.

Excellent knowledge of Autodesk Inventor.

Knowledge of 3DS MAX.



Scientific high school.

2-year course in mechanical engineering.



Red Dot Design Award 2019 with the project "Demetra" (former "Cora").


technology transfer



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