My work experience leads me to pursue a goal and achieve it by overseeing the path of a project according to the criteria required by the marketing department and working as part of a team with a company’s human resources.


It also allows me to implement ideas within strict parameters relating to investments and goals. I face the most complex path by planning to turn those ideas into objects required by the market.


I work with materials, finishes and technical, technological and digital solutions, areas that require specialist skills, aiming to help in significantly improving a company’s performance through feasible innovation, also thanks to an effective lean project.


However small or large the company is – according to Italian parameters – I identify remunerative areas, passing from linear design (aesthetic appeal, function, positioning and price) to exponential design, which exploits culture continuously pursuing innovation, developing distinctive areas of the company’s identity. It involves operating in global development niches governed by the marketing department and by corresponding design.


Technology Transfer is the focus of my professional and cultural commitment to my customers. I have adopted Open Innovation as a growth model, convinced that ideas and resources within a company are no longer enough to improve business or establish new paths of development.


My specialisation in R&D, technology transfer, prototyping and pre-project engineering in the furniture sector – modular furniture in particular – allows me to competently work in various industrial sectors.


I work alongside entrepreneurs and product managers, connecting pure creativity to concrete project engineering, making the business of winning ideas profitable before they vanish due to lack of attention.


I offer a pragmatic consulting model that integrates with a company’s organisation, adding further momentum.


Hence, I believe I can be of use to your company in 2019.





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